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Meet Me Linky


Creating art was something I did not think was going to be good at. Growing up I used to watch my older cousin draw and paint. I loved taking pictures and editing them on the computer but I wanted to have that gift of drawling too. It wasn't until 2012 a tragedy happened in my life where me and my family lost someone very special to us, our Grandma. It was a tough time and I needed something to cope with. That is when I turned to Art, my creative abilities blossomed and I took art more serious. I though about her when I was drawling and painting. I loved creating art, it was very calming to me. It has been 4 years since I picked up drawling pencil. 2019 is a new year and I decided to get back into doing what I love and that is art. I welcome you all to my creations. 

"Be Free"